Welcome to Canlab Photographics – your #1 choice
for film processing and passport photos
in Canberra City

our services include:

Film Processing
Slide and
negative scanning
Quality prints
Canvas prints
Photo restoration
Passport photos
Headshots and
commercial portraiture
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The Orangutan Project

Canlab operates a Noritsu film processor, digital film scanner and chemical print lab using only real Kodak Professional photo paper. Daily quality control monitoring ensures you'll always get the best results.

Film Processing

35mm and 120 Colour Negative Film processed onsite daily. Colour correction, optimization and custom image formatting services available.


Slide and Negative Scanning

35mm and Medium format negatives and 35mm slides scanned to high resolution jpeg file with Colour correction and dust/scratch removal.

Photo Restoration

Photographs are scanned into a computer, digitally retouched with Photoshop and then printed. Many of the photographs that make up your family history have become damaged and worn over the years. Canlab offers a wide range of photoshop restoration and optimisation services.

Quality Prints

Highest quality wet process photographic printing to Kodak Professional photographic paper. Colour correction", optimisation and custom image formatting services available. Printing onsite up to a maximum size of 8*14 inches and through our partner lab in Melbourne, we can provide larger prints up to 24*40 inches

Canvas prints

Prints of all sizes to 58x300 cm can be produced in house on canvas paper using our Epson printer.
Set files to 180 ppi – RGB (not CMYK)

Passport Photos

Passport and Visa photos require strict adherence to parameters dictated by the requesting authority, many countries have differing requirement regarding image size and positioning of subject and can be quite strict in enforcing the standards. At CanLab we ensure you get your passport/visa photos right the first time.

We are currently exclusively recommended by several embassies for our visa photos service.

Headshots and Commercial Portraiture

Commerical/Professional headshots can be taken instore or we can bring portable studio lighting equipment to you to meet all your workplace photographic needs.