About Us

Andrew, Owner/Manager

Following a successful business career which included the launch of a management consulting practice in the USA, Andrew finally returned home to Canberra seeking a lifestyle that allowed for greater artistic expression and was lucky enough to take the helm of the already successful and highly respected Civic Proframe in January 2011. He has injected new energy and passion into the business and Civic Proframe has been rejuvenated and is well poised to meet any challenges that may lie ahead. Andrew has quickly become a highly accomplished framer, building skills through the complete revamp of the Civic Proframe Gallery. He is committed to bringing to Canberra highly sought after limited edition prints from internationally recognised artists as well as local artists and framing them with flair. Andrew has an eye for the extravagant and specialises in assisting people who are looking for something beyond the every day.

Chris, Framer

Chris, the true heart of the operation, is a highly sought framer with over 30 years’ experience in framing and expertise that is unrivalled in the Canberra region. His meticulous eye for detail and insistence on delivering work of the highest quality has defined the level of service that Civic Proframe provides to its clients. In particular Chis’ skill in stretching canvas and other fabrics is truly unsurpassed and many local artists will only entrust their works with him.

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Giving back

At Civic Proframe we believe in giving back, not only to the local community, but to causes that matter around the globe. We’re proud to have contributed to many local causes such as Marymead, and Snowy Rescue, Royal Canberra Show and various school fundraising efforts and are always open to requests.

There are a few causes particularly close to our heart that we endeavour to make an ongoing commitment to:

We love Orangutans!

We ensure the timber used in our mouldings is sourced from certified forests and that we don’t contribute to deforestation of vital habitat. Civic Proframe is also a corporate sponsor of the amazing Orang-utan Foundation which does incredible work in rescue, rehabilitation of orang-utans and habit protection.

We hate animal cruelty!

Which is why we also support the dedicated team of animalsasia, which among other things is trying desperately to put an end to ‘bile farms’ which inflict unimaginable suffering upon bears. Keep an eye on our facebook page for periodic fundraising efforts for this very worthwhile cause.

Education is key

Education is the best investment we can make in our future. This principle is embodied by the Learning for Life program, by the Smith Family. Civic Proframe is proud to sponsor the education of a disadvantaged child through this great program.

No soup for us!!

Shark fin soup that is. To help put an end to this abhorrent practice we support the vital work of Pangeaseed, who campaign strongly against the practice of Sharkfinning as well as fighting for numerous other important ocean conservation causes. They make it very easy and enjoyable for us to lend support through their unique fundraising method of engaging some of the most talented artists from around the world to produce limited edition art prints. We buy these, have a lot of fun framing them with character, and on sell them in our gallery to you! You can help us to help them by buying their pieces from our gallery, or if you prefer to buy prints directly from their website. We offer a 10% discount on custom framing of any of their prints or original artworks.