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Quality custom framing
Custom matting
Canvas stretching
Ready-made frames
and mats
Mounting & laminating

Welcome to Civic ProFrame

We enjoy a unique advantage over anyone else in the city, as we can complete the framing jobs in the shop itself without having to outsource.The shop space is huge, with ceilings that can easily accomodate mouldings that are sometimes supplied in 4 metre lengths.

Many times have we been able to rush a job that someone needs urgently, sometimes within hours, rather than the usual two week turnaround. This gives us an advantage over other framers, and a great deal of flexibility in providing our customers with a faster service.

Quality custom framing

We can frame your:

We have many regular customers that will only come to us for framing and several government departments that also favour our work

Custom matting

We have an enormous range of frames and mats instore, more information coming soon!

canvas stretching

More information coming soon!

Ready-made frames
and mats

More information coming soon

Print Mounting and laminating

An alternative option to framing a print is print mounting. We can mount your print to either 10mm gatorboard or 5mm foamcore.

Print mounting to 10mm Gatorboard: Gatorboard is a light but durable board consisting of a foam-core sandwiched between very thin craftwood sheets. Print mounting to gatorboard is recommended over print mounting to foam core.

Print mounting to 5mm Foamcore: Foamcore is very light but is also quite flexible, so large size sheets can bow over time. This is why we recommend print mounting to gatorboard.
(allow 8 working days)

Size in cm
Black Gator
Cold Laminate
20x30 22.00 28.00 16.50
20x30 22.00 28.00 16.50
30x50 32.00 38.00 22.00
40x51 38.00 45.00 24.00
50x61 55.00 65.00 28.00
50x76 60.00 80.00 33.00
60x90 77.00 100.00 45.00
75x100 100.00 140.00 55.00
90x90 105.00 150.00 60.00
84x120 125.00 165.00 70.00
100x100 135.00 180.00 75.00
100x127 160.00 200.00 85.00
120x120 180.00 240.00 95.00
100x150 220.00 300.00 130.00
100x240 360.00 490.00 200.00
120x180 370.00 500.00 210.00
120x240 380.00 510.00 210.00

NOTE: Hangers on mounted items are an additional $10 per item
*** All care, but no responsibility is taken for laminating of customers supplied prints and artwork ***